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Magical Loveable Educational

About Us

Charlie’s Ark Group was formed to develop, grow, and monetize the Intellectual Property of the Charlie’s Ark stories and the loveable animal characters featured in the book, through written publications, SVOD cartoon animation, VOD, film & TV, music, merchandise, and real life experiences.

Book and story behind Charlies Ark

About Charlie's Ark

Charlie’s Ark is about a five year old boy and his magical toy box, in the shape of an ark, and contains many animals which are magically bought to life by a secret ‘ Wordspell ’ The stories are in rhyme, and each unique tale aims to encourage children to be who they want to be, to teach morals and to entertain. They are a throwback to traditional values and there is a warmth and truth in all the stories which will resonate with everyone. They remind adults of a time when they themselves were children. Some are inspired by past life lessons, others are brand new and based squarely in reality, so there is something for every child out there.

Children watching Charlie's Ark on TV

Aims and Objectives

The company aims to build its global brand recognition, by becoming the premier participant in the market for inspirational and educational content. Reaching the right audience at the right time with impactful messaging and a cohesive brand aesthetic unified across all marketing channels.

We are currently exploring unique and tested strategies to design, build and maintain a fully functional business model that helps educate, engage, convert, and excite partners who sign up to join us on our magical journey.

For our brand partners, we’ll make sure you are safe knowing we have a clear brand represented across our entire portfolio, combined with on-point, written, and verbal messaging, so everything is consistent throughout the world where Charlie’s Ark TV/SVOD, licensing & merchandising products are sold.


Inspiring and nurturing the childlike spirit one story, one chapter one book at a time.

To entertain, inform and inspire children around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic animal characters, using creative imagery, innovative marketing technologies and strategies that make Charlie’s Ark Group the world’s premier brand IP development company.

Charlies Ark Team

The Team

Our close-knit team of directors relate to the stories loveable animal characters at Charlie’s Ark, in that we are always on the hunt for the latest inspirational trends and are ready to strike with a strategy worth sinking our teeth into and bringing our partners along with us to navigate the jungle of opportunity is crucial to helping us all stay ahead of the game.

We are excited about investing in best-in-class data reporting that offers clear insights into our marketing ROI, and at the same time setting up the tracking needed to measure, analyse and manage our marketing performance holistically and per channel, to maximize effectiveness and optimize returns for all our stakeholders.

Board Of Directors

Mike Payne

Founder, Creator & CEO

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Arthur Maxfield Photo

Arthur Maxfield

Group Chairman

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Roy Smoothe Photo

Roy Smoothe

Global Brand Licencing & Merchandising

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Myfanwy Payne Photo

Myfanwy Payne

Company Secretary

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Exciting Developments

Following the release of the Charlie’s book at a special event at The Ritz Hotel in London September 2021, we are pleased to announce the exciting news of a newly formed partnership and collaboration. 

The Charlie’s Ark Group brand is in the early stages of what will be a highly successful collaboration to produce and launch a 52-week children’s TV series in partnership with FUTURUMKIDS – FUTURUM KIDS a state-of-the-art animation and media company, that specializes in producing, distributing, and licensing its IP for the global TV market.

The company is a collaboration of the team that produced 7-time Emmy award-winning “Jakers!” and the successful HIT Entertainment Team that produced some of the world’s most successful children’s franchises including “Bob the Builder”, “Barney” and “Thomas and Friends”.   

FuturumKids logo

About FuturumKids

FuturumKids is a state-of-the-art animation and media company, that specializes in producing, distributing and licensing high commercial potential IP for the global TV market. The company comprises a multi-Emmy and BAFTA award-winning team of principals, with a major track record of global success. The company is a collaboration of the team that produced 7-time Emmy award-winning “Jakers!” and the successful HIT Entertainment Team that produced some of the world’s most successful children’s franchises including “Bob the Builder”, “Barney” and “Thomas and Friends”.

Lovable Main Characters

Putty the Monkey
Buss the Lion
Gray the Owl
Ace the Polar Bear
Pee the Dog
Hoff the Elephant
Charlie’s Ark Group are in an enviable position of having an Ark full on highly engaging, merchandisable animal characters. With a portfolio of 30 animals, plus Charlie, The Ark and his little sister, the door is open to exclusive brand licencing or merchandising deals

Open to Partnerships

Open door to new partnerships

Charlie’s Ark Group are open to brand licensing and merchandise deals that will drive the development of the product, merchandise, music, TV, and Film divisions with the target of global representation. Seeking to drive revenue and engagement across retail channels, digital platforms, and consumer experiences.


"No less a person than Albert Einstein thought that imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge has boundaries-imagination has none. Over the years I have met few people with the boundless imagination of Mike Payne. In his remarkable body of work, he has produced so many memorable figures who have touched the hearts of young people and created memories which they will retain all their lives. Now comes his best yet-Charlies Ark. It took only moments to imagine the character–rather more time to produce what is already being considered a masterpiece–Mike Payne’s imagination will give you a life-time of pleasure."
Des Lynam
Des Lynam OBE
British television & radio broadcaster and presenter.
"A lot of creative people send a lot of different projects to me, and I've learned to step out of the euphoria to analyse each one, with Charlie's Ark, however, I was instantly a child again, and completely taken in by the magic it creates. Technically it's a genius concept, but it sets your emotions free and it fills you with joy. The creator, Mike Payne, seems to instinctively know how to convey these emotions to people from all backgrounds, and has shown his gift through this just as brightly as any of the many others he has created. It's amazing to see something appear that you just know will be here for eons to come."
Matt Black Photo
Matt Black
Producer /Musician
"Charlie’s Ark’ written by Mike Payne, Illustrated by Adam Pescott and Mike Payne is a collection of stories following the events and adventures Charlie has with the magical new ark he’s inherited from his grandmother. There’s 24 different stories, all written in rhyme and based at different times of the year, making this a brilliant book to come back to again and again. Each poetic story has a soothing rhyme that would make this a great selection of bedtime stories. There is even a moral and a wise word ending. The soft pastel colours and the shorter length of each story also help to make this a brilliant bedtime read either for younger children to listen to, or older and more confident readers to read for themselves. Beautiful illustrations and beautiful stories. I think that this book will really appeal to young children. This book is an absolute delight!"
Love Reading 4 Kids

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Social Media: @charliesarkgroup

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